One in 65 children (1.5%) in Ireland has a diagnosis of autism according to a report issued in year 2017 by the National Council for Special Education. We conducted an online survey during October / November of year 2017 where we investigated the prevalence of sound sensitivity. 700 responded to the survey. The major findings were

  • 90% suffer from sound sensitivity
  • 65% engage in unsafe bahaviour to get away from the offending sound
  • 50% of parents of children having sound sensitivity report they avoid activities or family gatherings where their child might react negatively to sounds


Sound Sensitivity is commonly associated with autism and with difficulties in the areas of Sensory Processing (SPD), attention/focus and anxiety. It is known to interfere with many every-day activities.

Our wireless headphone/SD card combo is designed to empower parents, carers and teachers to create an individualised solution by recording calming tracks onto the lulls SD card.


Lulls is a product born out of my first-hand experience of seeing children suffering distress from sound sensitivity.

My desire to do something to lessen that distress was strengthened by survey results proving the prevalence of sound sensitivity and the crippling severity of its mal-affects.

The overwhelming positive response confirming the need for my product and the fact that there is no such product on the market makes LULLS a unique and much needed product.

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