1.75m Bubble Tube


Full size British-Made Bubble Tube.

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A really good Bubble Tube has bright controllable colours: its quiet pump is powerful and can not only be switch-controlled by a user, but also adjusted so that the air flow matches the mood of the room.

Our British-made Bubble Tubes are built to these criteria, they are very strong and each one is tested for leaks before shipment.

The adjustable air flow is a great feature – Full power is highly stimulating, while for a relaxed space turn the volume down.  Our Bubble Tubes also include a choice of Pulse features which give yet more options.

You will need to choose a Switch to directly control the Pump.

To control the colours you need a Spectrum Selecta, or to control them wirelessly choose from our range of Controllers (though you also need a Wireless Receiver).

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