Big Mack Switch/Reward


Everyone likes to receive praise for a job well done – this stand-alone, battery operated switch rewards the user for successful activation with a personalised congratulations message.

Great for teaching the concept of ‘cause and effect’, Big Mack can either convey praise to the user, or it can be used as a recording device by the child. Capable of storing messages up to 20 seconds long, Big Mack provides numerous cognitive learning opportunities and a volume control feature means it won’t drive you potty – no matter how many times the switch is activated!

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It is well recognised that positive reinforcement is very important in helping children to learn. The Big Mack switch has been developed to help children learn the concept of ‘cause and effect’ independently if required.

A pre-recorded congratulatory message is played on successful activation of the switch which benefits from a large surface area to make it easy to operate.

Big Mack can also be used as a recording device. The user can record whatever sound they like and then play it back by activating the switch. Repetition is key in learning cause and effect – the ‘reward’ of hearing the sound encourages users to press it again and again, reinforcing understanding that their action is responsible for the sound they hear.

Big Mack provides audio input and helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills in children with a range of conditions, including developmental delays caused by Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and autistic spectrum disorders.

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