Build-A-Sensory Room Bundle



Everything you need to start your own Sensory Room.

Watch from the comfort of your super sensory beanbag as the infinity tunnel changes through an array of colours, in a mesmerising mirrored tunnel that goes on endlessly. You even get a little remote control incase you want to keep it on your favourite colour to look at your face in it’s mirrored reflection.

Mount the projector on the wall and watch the liquid oil wheel make all sorts of fascinating shapes and movements (purchase additional wheels such as fish, birds and many more sensory styles at any stage).

Suitable for 0-100 (all ages)

Bundle Includes:

  • 100 strands Fibre Optics 2 metres long
  • LED Lightsource
  • Aura Sensory Wheel Projector
  • Oil Wheel
  • Soft Rounded Beanbag 1m diameter (choose your own colours)
  • Colour Changing Infinity Tunnel with Remote (Wall Mount yourself)


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