Chewy Tube Red


Firm. Built for chewing, resilient & rubbery. Latex-free.   Additional Information: Dimensions: 8 x 6.2cm Tube diameter: 1.5cm (longer section)/1.7cm (shorter section) Thick walled tubes

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Our Chewy Tube selection is designed to develop tactile stimulation for the mouth. They come in a range of 4 different colours that are suitable from age 7 months onwards.

Pick the right Chewy Tube to improve jaw stability and help develop biting and chewing skills.

The raised bumps on the green Chewy Tube provides increased sensory stimulation.

The yellow Chewy Tube is narrowest for smaller jaws, the red offers more resistance and the blue is the thickest and strongest of all, suitable for adolescents.

Chewy Tubes are all very durable and are easy to clean, all that is required is soap and water.

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