Fishing Game


The magnetised bait on the end of your line sticks firmly to your catch. Includes three rods and 12 assorted angling treats – watch out for the old boot.

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Fishing Game comes with 12 treats which you have to try and grab with the rod that has bait on the end, the treat and the bait are both magnetised to enable you to do this. But be careful, try to watch out for the old boot!

Our Fishing Game can be played by one person but a more fun time it is great to play with another person, this way you can make it into a fun game and the first to accidently get the boot loses. 

This game will enhance socialisation skills especially for those that aren’t as developed in this area. Not only that but you will be developing fine motor skills and gaining visual stimulation.

This is a fun game for all. 

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