Grab n Go Tactile Sensory Kit


A big bag full of tactile things.

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A big bag full of tactile things. Fuzzy Friend, My Garden Friends, Fluffy Glove, Lollipop Drum, Bubble, Egg Shakers x 4, Vibrating Snake, Tiger Glove, Vibro Tube, Massage Knobble Brush, Vibrating Pouch, Vibrating Teether, Shaking Dachshund, Giggle Monster, Spring-a-Ling, Tin Animal Noises, 6 Watersnakes, Shudder Duck, Instant Sculpture, Tactile Box, Texture Tangle, Ribbed Quoit, Koosh Ball, Spider Ball, 2 Small Bumpy Balls, Numbered Bean Bags, Tactile Back Strap, 3 Space Blankets, Small Wiggly Giggly Ball, Wiggly Giggly Shaker, Roly the Laughing Dog.

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