Grab n Go Visual Sensory Kit


A bag bursting with stimulating stuff.

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A bag bursting with stimulating stuff. Blow Bubbles (available kits only), Activity Ball, Fantastik, Light Up Maraca, Bubble, Visual Rainmaker, Glitter Tube, Jumbo Glitter Tube, 2 Mushroom Kaleidoscopes, Painting the Air, Giggle Monster, Spring a Ling, 6 Watersnakes, Farm Set Puzzle, 2 Disco Balls, Diffraction Roly Poly Drum, Large Oball, Rotating Disc Puzzle, Fascination Tube, Leybourne Mirror, Numbered Bean Bags, Zig Zag on Stand, 9″ Kaleidoscope, 3 Space Blankets, UV Glow Stars, 2 Wacky Balls, Small Wiggly Giggly Ball, Wiggly Giggly Shaker, Roly the Laughing Dog.

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