Ps & Qs Chewy Tube


To help improve jaw stability and develop biting and chewing skills, P’s and Q’s is a great solid chewable shape to get.
Suitable for all ages 7months .
Dimensions: P: 9 x 5cm   Q: 7cm diameter  Tube approx 1.2cm diameter

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Our P’s and Q’s Chewy Tube is designed to develop tactile stimulation for the mouth.

Using P’s and Q’s Chewy Tube will improve jaw stability and help develop biting and chewing skills.

Great as a fidget object Chewy Tubes also help develop fine motor skills, strengthening the hand that grasps the handy handle.

Chewy Tubes are very durable so appropriate for people that tend to grind their teeth, they are also easy to clean, all that is required is soap and water.

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