Shape Sorter Bus


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All on board with the Rubbabu Shape Sorter Bus! This soft little bus shaped toy has wheels for the journey around your living room but also contains six colourful shape pieces that a little one can take out of the sides and put back in again in the corresponding shaped hole in the side of the bus. The squishy toy is made from eco-friendly natural rubber foam so it can be squished, bounced and bent without harming the toy or your child!

The toy has a soft, velvety surface made from child-safe nylon flocking which provides brilliant tactile stimulation for your little one, and a set of hard wearing wheels that will stand the test of time, rolling easily over the ground. The bus is small enough to easily grasp for youngsters, but fun for children of all ages to play with.

From an early age, the shape sorter bus helps to encourage imaginative play and help to develop motor skills and finger strength. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Rubbabu Toys are designed for many years of playing. Made from mainly natural rubber foam, the toys are anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and mildew resistant. No chemicals are added to the rubber.

Dimension :14.5cm (H) x 12.5cm (W) x 22cm (L)


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