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The Spinning Saucer is becoming one of the best therapeutic resources for children with sensory processing disorders. Used by Occupational Therapists, it has tracked very positive results. The Spinning Saucer works on the Vestibular Sensory System. It can help some children with motor planning and body awareness so their brains can better organize information better allowing them to focus and learn. The Spinning Saucer targets the sensory system and promotes social skill development such as social interaction. This toy has also been known to help children with special needs to develop and strengthen their trunk muscles.

For more information on how the Spinning Saucer could benefit your child check out the Sensory Processing Website

The three ways to use the Spinning Saucer are:

The first is simple. ANY child with normal vestibular processing, usually just LOVES a Spinning Saucer. They will enjoy spinning as often, as long, and as fast as they can get it going, and/or tolerate. It’s just plain old FUN!

The second use for a Spinning Saucer is as a sensory integration therapeutic tool for the HYPERsensitive. Children who are extremely sensitive to vestibular input (i.e., fearing it, getting dizzy within seconds, etc.), can use this as a tolerance building toy.

If they are afraid of the Spinning Saucer a gradual introduction and gradual experimenting with longer sessions on it will help their nervous system tolerate an increasing amount of vestibular input.

Start with some nice calming, organizing, deep pressure / proprioceptive input first, let them gradually explore it, sit on it, eventually spinning on it, and over time increasing the amount they can tolerate.

(NOTE: DO NOT FORCE them to do it on YOUR time. Let them get used to it… )

Now, for the third use; probably the most sought after reason. You are the lucky parent of an individual who is HYPOsensitive to vestibular input.These are the ones who are in motion for what seems like every waking minute of the day. They need it, they want it, they crave it!

The Spinning Saucer can be used indoors and outdoors. It rotates left or right!

This product is not to be stood on and is manufactured in the United States.

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