Our Spinning Saucer is Becoming one of the best therapeutic means for  special needs. Proven by occupational therapists in experimental education it has tracked only positive results. Spin Disc has help with children of all ages, with a wide spectrum of disorders. Spin Disc works in vestibular sensory system for sensory integration for children with autism. Occupational therapy treatment sensory diet, rich in vestibular, as well as proprioceptive and tactile stimulation helps these children with motor planning and body awareness so their brains can better organize information focus and learn. Sensory rich activities include, fast rotary movement social interaction which Spin Disc can provide. Spin Disc targets the sensory system and promotes social skill development such as social interaction. This toy has also been known to help children with down syndrome develop and strengthen their trunk muscles.

Spin Disc will improve the quality of every community program Spin Disc is also a great home toy that can be used indoors or out. Do not stand on this toy. Spin Disc rotates to the right or left this durable toy is made in the USA and manufactured by the inventor Dexter Clark.

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